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About born for media

Hey there, welcome to my blog! Whether Google, a friend or (bad) luck got you here: thanks for checking out Born for Media 🙂

A little bit about myself: I’ve had a passion for games, movies and TV series ever since I was a little sprout. At a later age, these forms of media also inspired me to start writing my own stories, alongside following a game design education. 

On here, I strive to combine all of these interests into one blog, divided into three different categories: Thoughts, News, and Reviews.

Under Thoughts, I share my…well, my thoughts. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. This category usually covers random thoughts about games, tv series or movies that have made a big impression on me. Typically, they revolve around media I’m currently consuming, be it new or classic. Essentially, anything goes within this category, and it’s actually my favorite one to write. However, I rely on inspiration for these posts, so in the meantime, I also cover the latest news to keep you engaged.

I aim to focus the News category on the most interesting and noteworthy news I come across. I avoid covering news that is not that newsworthy in my opinion. I won’t try and produce as many articles as I can, but want to stick to the things that really matter. And of course, I always try to add my own touch to the news articles, hoping to make them easily digestible and enjoyable.

Last but not least, I write Reviews on games, TV series and movies that I’m currently playing or watching. These reviews can be about brand new releases or even games that everyone else has already played, except for yours truly. 

To ensure comprehensive reviews, I make it a point to play through the entire game, rather than hastily stamping out a review after investing only a few hours, just to be among the first to review it. I want to make sure that I’ve experienced everything the game has to offer before assigning my rating. I doubt the developers will lose sleep over a bad rating from me, but let’s be fair nontheless.

I’d say that’s all you need to know! If you like what I have to say, feel free to follow me via the buttons below, or subscribe for the email updates. I look forward to talking about our mutual hobby’s!

Email address: [email protected]